Google launches YouTube Space LA with Lawo Technology.

Nova73 HD routing system, mc²66 and sapphire consoles installed.

YouTube has officially opened the ‘YouTube Space Los Angeles’, a massive new studio complex in Playa Vista, California. Under the motto, "learn, share, create" YouTube invites talented creators to realize their creative visions. The facility includes 3 studios, motion capturing, 7 edit booths, and a cinema. With the advent of this vibrant new production facility, innovative creators can now elevate the quality of their content to a higher level.

Once just a platform for amateur videos, YouTube has, in recent years, begun cultivating semiprofessional videographers, seeking to harness their grass-roots star power and help them grow their audiences. With the opening of the YouTube Space LA, a new era in high quality, creative YouTube content has begun.

YouTube Space LA is supplied with state-of-the-art production technology. The facility’s audio backbone is based on the Lawo Nova 73 routing system. The primary audio console for the facility is the Lawo mc² 66 mixing console, which is housed in the Audio Control Room. There are three additional Lawo sapphire consoles that populate seven edit booths. Harnessing Lawo support and expertise, YouTube created comprehensive and flexible production workflows enabling YouTube to successfully launch the facility.The flexibility of the system architecture gives the creators the freedom of acquiring every audio source in any of the production locations. The facility truly enables creative people to concentrate on what they love the most - creating awesome videos!

Picture: Production Mixer Ish García in front of the mc²66 console

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