Lawo V__pro8 with release 1.0 in serial production.

Lift-off for the compact and efficient video tool V__pro8.

After enthusiastic feedback to its presentation at NAB and IBC, Lawo’s first video device V__pro8 has been brought to the release 1.0 level, leaving its prototype phase behind: since end of November 2012, the V__pro8 with the initial release version is produced as a regular serial product.

Lawo has developed the V__pro8 for displaying video power on a small footprint, the perfect tool to connect signals of different video formats as well as between audio and video.

High quality cross format conversion, colour correction as well as embedding and de-embedding makes the V__pro 8 a compact and powerful video processor. Modern high density audio connections such as MADI and RAVENNA (future option) provide video-to-audio bridges within the studio infrastructure. The V__pro8 works as a flexible matrix system: thanks to a 8 x 8 video matrix and a 384 x 384 audio matrix it is possible to switch any signal to any other signal.

A modern GUI based on HTML5 is the interface for easy handling in day-to-day work. The V__pro8 combines a number of different tasks in one tool, thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency and greatest operating safety at significant reduced cost.


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