New master card brings RAVENNA to mc² consoles and Nova73 HD routers.

Lawo introduces more RAVENNA products at NAB.

RAVENNA - the technology for real time processing of audio signals in IP-based network environments - forms the basis for the new interface cards for all members of the mc² series and the Nova73 HD routing system.

The implementation of RAVENNA technology into Core technology and DALLIS I/O-systems is of the highest quality and offers an extremely low latency of 1 sample per stream, bringing it on par with the performance of MADI. However, the main advantage lies in the increased bandwidth of 128 channels. This allows twice the packaging density, providing increased efficiency at lower cost. Thanks to exchangeable SFP modules, any cabling options, including CWDM applications, are possible. The resulting flexibility allows, for example, the use of cost-effective CAT cables or optical connections.

The introduction of RAVENNA into the mc² series and the Nova73 HD routing system is consistent with Lawo's strategy of continuously expanding the AoIP capabilities of its products. This shows that this technology can be applied effectively - even in the most demanding environments such as live broadcast.


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