Innovason releases NOVA 2.4.0 with integrated PANDORA functionality.


Following the unveiling of the prototype of the revolutionary PANDORA digital panning algorithm at ProLight + Sound 2012, Innovason has announced the integration of the release version into a brand new software release for Eclipse and Eclipse GT consoles. NOVA 2.4.0 is now available for download from

PANDORA was designed to address the problem of panning in live situations with a big audience where people seated outside the centre of the PA zone do not hear the nicely balanced mix of those seated in the middle. The PANDORA function, now fully integrated as part of the new software release, finally enables panning with no loss of information from left to right.

“Without going into the technicalities, the difference it makes to the listener is amazing,” declares Innovason Product Manager, Hervé de Caro. “We have finally found a way to pan a signal from full left to full right to create the feeling of a stereo image for the entire audience, no matter where you are sat, WITHOUT losing any information for those sat at the extremes, and no loss of sound quality for those sat in the middle. On the contrary, in fact - because we are reproducing the natural function of the ear, it actually sounds better. In practice this means that if you are sat at the extreme left of the auditorium whilst the signal has been panned to the extreme right, you can still hear it from the left, even though the sound image has moved to the right, and vice-versa. With traditional panning, you would hear nothing from the left, and the sound from the right would sound very far away – in fact, you’d be losing half of the audio information. Even those in the middle would experience a loss of level and audio quality. PANDORA puts an end to all that – you can now hear everything all of the time and STILL benefit from a true stereo image.”

By selecting the PAN configuration in the UTIL Menu or the EDIT button near the pan area on the main screen, you can select whether you wish to use PANDORA or not. Different panning curves for different widths of field enable you to select the appropriate panning mode for your style and application. It is available for use on any given input, or on a master bus as required, enabling normal panning to be used on other mix busses. It is a highly flexible tool and easily accessible via a number of different routes for hassle-free implementation.

In addition to the integration of PANDORA, NOVA 2.4.0 includes a number of other improvements and upgrades including even better support of AVM500 Matrix and other 3rd party EtherSound devices, improved stability and reactivity of Neumann Digital Microphone control, and of course a number of bug fixes. For full details, please visit the support/downloads section at


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