Lawo's new Multitrack Editor - re-defining efficiency for audio productions.

Lawo expands its Broadcast Applications product family.


Lawo extended its product offering under ‘Broadcast Applications’ with a new, attractive application: the Lawo Multitrack Editor. With this software solution, Lawo provides another product to support its customers in overcoming the daily technical challenges in the newsrooms and editing workplaces by increasing workflow efficiency.

Lawo’s Multitrack Editor was developed out of the well-known Multitrack Editor (MTE) that has been a standard tool in radio production primarily in Europe and the US for several years. The new Editor’s intuitive design is particularly convincing. It allows for single as well as multitrack recording for any editing or mixing projects connected to radio productions, both simple and complex.

The focus during the development of the integrated function was the efficient control of the software. Providing a clear arrangement of the most commonly used functions through optimized control elements, the new user interface achieved exactly that: the integrated ‘Reporter Box’ offers scripting and recording functions to accelerate journalistic tasks considerably.

The use of VST plugins allowing individual signal processing is another advantage. The most frequently used processes, such as equalizers, compressors, limiters, and AGC – known from Lawo’s mc² series – have already been integrated into the Lawo Multitrack Editor.

In addition, the Editor offers an integrated loudness function, supporting improved level control during the production process. Aside from metering, archived data can also be analyzed according to EBU R128 regulations using an analysis function.

The Lawo Multitrack Editor will be available soon.



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