VisTool 5.0

User Interface Building Application

VisTool 5.0 is the latest major upgrade to Lawo’s powerful screen building application software. Broadcasters use VisTool to easily create custom status displays, tablet and touchscreen based button panels and even mixing console controllers. VisTool also serves to capture and manage snapshots for Lawo crystal and sapphire radio consoles and offers sophisticated rightsmanagement functionality. User groups and individual users can be given different levels of access to functions depending on their needs. A simple user log-in will load settings for voice processing and console configuration. Version

5.0 adds several new GUI elements including the ability to place web page objects on custom panels. And while VisTool has always been fully integrated with Lawo radio consoles, version 5.0 expands integration to more devices via the
Ember+ control protocol while a new logic engine enables rules-based decisions and actions.

Key Features

  • Scalable GUI items include buttons, meters, text displays, faders and rotary controls
  • Docked, windowed or full screen, VisTool nicely shares displays with other apps
  • Web objects can be placed on the screen for display and interaction
  • Video thumbnail displays from Lawo V__ products can be displayed
  • Integrated control panel option for VSM control and monitoring systems
  • Boolean logic engine creates conditionally-aware functions
  • Integrates with third party devices via the Ember+ control protocol
  • Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 supported

Reduced complexity, by the push of a button:

It is the dream of any journalist: a customisable touch-screen interface from which to select a production mode, which then adjusts all switches and settings automatically in the background. The journalist no longer needs to fret over audio streams or recording processes, and can adjust the user interface for the few parameters which are absolutely necessary. We have now made this dream come true - with VisTool MK2 - a consistent user interface which sets new standards.


Because simplicity is simply better.

From the simple press of a touch-screen button to access the settings for the next telephone interview, to recording the narration of news texts or a live video-conferencing conversation -VisTool works as easily as this. You can use VisTool to bundle various functions into a single user interface, so that the users only have the absolutely critical control elements before them. This automates and significantly simplifies processes, fewer errors occur and journalists can concentrate on their actual job.

Easy on the eyes.

These days, usability and intuitive operation are vital factors behind the success of any software. As a result, we have placed particular emphasis on an attractive design and a simple interface. Thanks to the use of vector graphics, it is now possible to resize the VisTool pages to the same layout and to enhance the internal libraries with customised graphics. A further advantage: it is even possible to display and operate the faders, as these can be controlled by means of a single control directly and very easily on the VisTool interface.

For reliable system and user management.

VisTool is the nerve centre of your studio installation. It may work as a user interface for JADE. But VisTool also gives you direct access to your hardware, so that you can control mixing consoles or switch crosspoints. In this way, VisTool even enables remote access to the relevant system or mixing console. This simplifies support as well as configuration and maintenance. A further highlight of software-based working is unified user management. Thus, settings such as presets and snapshots can be managed in a user-related manner, e.g. in a central database. This provides the journalists' individual settings on any workplace. For flexible coordination of resources - in everyday work as well as in a breakdown scenario.


VisTool highlights:

  • Widely ranging production and mixing console parameters are displayed at a glance
  • Multi-touch operation and intuitive interfaces
  • Effective user management and the individual management of presets and snapshots
  • Management of Lawo software as well as hardware by means of a single tool
  • Improved, easy-to-understand VisTool editor configuration
  • New elements (VU meter, DeEsser, status display, Loudness Indication etc.)
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