The intelligent control software.

The controls for complex systems need to be transparent; mxGUI, Nova73 HD’s user interface, guarantees just that. The control software will win you over with one key benefit, which is crucial for users as well as purchasing managers: it helps to save costs — in time, money and nerves.

mxGUI - The perfect On and Offline tool.

Feedback from customers confirms it again and again: the mxGUI has established itself as a standard tool, and scarcely any sound engineer would want to do without the benefits of this software. No wonder, as thanks to smoother workflows and the best possible pre-preparation, the mxGUI guarantees less stress in those high-pressure moments.

The software plays its trump cards in two different applications: Online for the parallel operation of systems, and offline for the preparation of productions, snapshots and much more.

“Mise en place” for sound engineers — the offline application

Especially in production preparation, the mxGUI will impress you with its ease of use. It allows crosspoints and dynamic settings to be selected offline and incorporated later, and snapshots and snapshot sequences can be easily set up before the actual event. Since the software also runs on laptops, you can prepare for tomorrow’s live show today, even from your hotel room (or the bar) and all without having to use an expensive studio. A further advantage: because the GUI’s “control surface” is identical to that on the console, staff can be easily trained, without the need for “real” hardware.

Access to nearly all features — the online application

More security during an ongoing production, and a perfect overview every time — these are also ensured by the mxGUI. A number of different users can, at any time, monitor every switch and parameter alteration, and can intervene via a remote control, even during an active production; on-site operators can thus be perfectly supported.

Key features at a glance

  • Intelligent and comprehensive control software
  • Allows the mixing console and the Nova73 HD to be set up via computer (pre-production)
  • Remote access to the control surface — independent of location
  • Perfect operator support via remote control
  • The mxGUI is compatible with Windows and Mac

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