Power Core RP – IP Audio I/O & DSP Node for Remote Production

The Power CoreRP is a fully featured Remote Production solution for mc² audio consoles with integrated modular I/O, DSP and IP streaming capabilities.

Power CoreRP combines modular audio I/O and high-density DSP processing functionality into a WAN-capable IP node. The unit’s ST2022-7 network redundancy and its Class-C jitter/network latency robustness eliminate the need for dedicated WAN-gateways from 3rd party suppliers and thus reduces the set-up complexity of remote productions, plus it reduces potential single points of failure. The unit’s comprehensive audio connectivity includes two redundant 1GbE SFP ports for AoIP, four MADI ports plus eight modular I/O slots which can be filled with a mix of Mic/Line, AES3, MADI or DANTE cards. Even a studio card with Mic/Line in/out and two headphone amplifiers is available.

Power CoreRP ’s DSP capabilities include 48 fully featured processing channels and provide low-latency on-site monitor and IFB mixing. mc2 consoles at home have full control of all relevant channel parameters (gain, fader, mute, EQ, dynamics, Aux Send Level…) of the DSP node at the remote location. A touch-screen optimized control GUI provides additional control for on-site and remote operation.

The Power CoreRP is standards-based and natively supports ST2110-30/-31, AES67 and RAVENNA AoIP networking. The unit is the perfect mate for Lawo’s video contribution solution V__remote4, which provides WAN-capable bi-directional signal transport for 4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI video signals plus a comprehensive set of onboard video processing features.



  • Native IP Remote Production Node with on-board WAN-capability
  • Low-latency on-site audio processing for monitoring & IFB mixing
  • Up to 48 processing channels
  • Full remote control of all relevant channel parameters (Gain, Fader,Mute, EQ, Dynamics, Aux Send Level…) from mc² consoles
  • Touch-screen optimized control GUI for additional on-site and remote operation


  • 19” / 1RU
  • Software-defined hardware
  • Standards-based ST2110 / AES67 / RAVENNA IP-Audio networking
  • ST2022-7 Network Redundancy with SPS
  • Modular I/O concept with 8 slots for Mic/Line, AES3, MADI, DANTE and AoIP connectivity


Power Core RP has an amazing amount of HD MADI and AES67 I/O on the front panel. 384 stereo channels, to be exact.

And there’s more around back:
8 expansion slots, ready for your choice of optional mic, line, AES3, MADI, Dante, and Studio I/O cards.


Power Core has loads of front-panel MADI, but you can add even more! Two SFP ports provide 64 channels each.

8x Mic / Line In

Got mics? Of course you do. This card provides 8 mic input channels, with switchable Phantom power.

8x Analog In

Even today’s digital world still has some analog sources. The Line In interface provides 8 mono, or 4 stereo inputs

8x Analog Out

Like its brother, but in the other direction. 8 mono or 4 stereo outputs interface Power Core with your legacy equipment.

4x AES3 I/O

Connect your AES / EBU devices. Each card has 4 digital inputs (with sample rate conversion) and 4 digital outputs.

2x Dante I/O

The perfect way to connect to Dante networks. Dual-redundant ports give access to a total of 64 Dante streams.

Studio I/O

The Swiss army knife of interfaces. Each card adds 2 Mic / Line in, 2 Line outputs and 2 HP outputs for on-air convenience.

Seamless Protection Switching

You like the security of belt and suspenders? Your backups have backups?
You’ll love Power Core’s inclusion of SMPTE standard 2022-7.
Known as Seamless Protection Switching (or “hitless merge”), SPS lets you connect to your AoIP network simultaneously via two identical, yet discrete, links — and switches from primary to backup instantly, without audio loss, in case of interruption. No manual re-routing. No audio glitches. Your programming just keeps going. Because there’s no such thing as too much uptime.

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